Japan's First DEX Application
Finally launch V2
in 2022.New governance token SNGK issued.

SNGK Contract Address:
The time has come for a new economic zone to be created.
The next wave of change is finally upon us.


In 2020, the blockchain industry was shocked by the emergence of decentralized finance, DeFi.
DeFi and the NFT market are creating value in various projects around the world, and the DeFi market continues to grow at an accelerated pace as tokens show the true value of a distributed ledger.

On the other hand, looking at Japan, the DeFi and NFT markets, in particular,
are still in the development stage. One of the major reasons for this is that although centralized exchanges are well-developed in Japan, in the area of DeFi and NFT, there are almost no sufficient Japanese applications, and the entry to the volume zone has not yet been made.

Sengoku Swap Finance has been updated to significantly expand the range of currencies it handles and to enhance the various features of the DEX.Finally, in December 2021, we updated Layer 2 to implement yield farming and staking, which are linked to the "liquidity" of the DEX.
In line with this, we issued a new governance token, the SNGK.
We will continue to grow the functionality of DEX by enhancing the liquidity of DEX and pursuing synergies with various projects and their tokens, such as combining potential Japanese content with NFT

Equipped with Swap and Pool functionality that features a user interface offering Japanese language support as Japan's first DEX.


As a new governance token for Warring States Swap Finance V2,
the SNGK will be issued.

Contract Address


AVAILABLE TODAYOur token is now available for trading on SSF